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The FundSourсe Passport gives individuals and nonprofits access to an international network of potential supporters: people who actively donate money to one of the hundreds of nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns built with FundSource, including projects of the Red Cross and International Civil Defence Organisation. The FundSourсe Passport makes campaigns truly international by allowing donations to be made in any currency, with the ability to cash out funds in a local currency.

Here are some of current FundSource-powered campaigns from our partners:


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is the world's largest humanitarian network that reaches 150 million people in 190 countries through the work of over 17 million volunteers. The foundation of the Red Cross work is raising funds that help alleviate disaster-related trauma, provide water, sanitation and health services, improve education levels and food security.

Improved access to drinking water and sanitation in Nairobi

Our initiative aims to improve access to sanitation for the poorest populations of Kenya and increase the treatment of water discharged into local lakes.

Today, the rate of access to clean water and sanitation in Kenya stands at no more than 26%, which leads to more than 1.8 million deaths every year caused by diseases associated with inadequate sanitation and hygiene. We are raising funds to help improve the network quality in Nairobi households and schools. The raised money will go towards enabling access to water purification technologies at households as well as public institutions, including solar and electric ultraviolet purification units, ceramic filters and ultrafiltration systems. Our initiative will enable over 20 000 people to benefit from daily access to safe and clean water.


The International Civil Defence Organisation supports its member state national civil defence institutions and emergency services in their efforts to prepare and respond to natural and man-made disasters. The ICDO provides a platform for civil defence nonprofits to accept donations that help overcome challenges and threats to sustainable development across the world.

Alleviating disaster-related damage in Pakistan

The project has the potential to bring disaster relief to Pakistan and to be the catalyst for delivering socio-economic development interventions in the region.

Our non-profit organisation operates at the community level across the country supporting disaster management, social mobilizations and access to employment, loans, free quality healthcare and education. We are seeking to raise funds to rebuild social infrastructure and provide services such as health education, water supply and waste schemes, converting to renewable energy sources and more. Another goal is to help the rural community of Pakistan gain the economic security by teaching people the skills they need to support their families.


YouthConnekt is a platform that aims at bringing youth in Rwanda in touch with public, private, civil society and international organisations that work to promote civil and socio-economic development. YouthConnekt connects young people to resources, knowledge and skills, internships and employment opportunities, enabling them to participate in shaping a better future for themselves and for Rwanda.

Better and safer public schools in Rwanda

We want to achieve inclusive and equitable quality primary education for all in Rwanda by 2030.

According to the Global Partnership for Education, it costs only $1.25 per day to educate a child in a developing country. Today, we want to fill the financing gap and deliver quality primary education to all children of Rwanda. The funds will be spent to upgrade and build schools and education facilities that are disability and gender sensitive to provide safe and inclusive learning environments for every child in the country. Out efforts are geared towards increasing the supply of qualified teachers, adapting infrastructure and study materials for students with disabilities, enabling access to electricity and drinking water as well as sanitation and handwashing facilities in schools.


A chamber of commerce is a local professional association whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. With nonprofit members among others, a chamber of commerce offers various opportunities for these organisations to increase their outreach and raise funds. A chamber strives to create partnerships between our civic-minded Chamber members who are looking to get involved in their communities with these growing nonprofit organisations.

Kazakhstan’s response to climate change

Changing the conversation on climate and engaging new voices in the renewable energy debate in Kazakhstan.

We believe that community-based activities play a paramount role in helping our country respond to climate change and connect with national campaign priorities. To develop an adequate climate change response both locally and nationally in Kazakhstan, we implement community-based adaptation and mitigation activities across the country. Our program is designed to accelerate mitigation and adaptation actions in order to encourage the investment and further advancement of technology innovations that can help slow global warming and stave off climate change.