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FundSource provides individuals and nonprofit organisations with a complete framework for quickly rolling out a wide variety of effective crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns to raise money for charitable causes, with comprehensive analytics and seamless integration to a website or mobile app.

Crowdfunding &
peer-to-peer campaigns

With the FundSource platform, you can build, launch and share branded crowdfunding campaigns with a few clicks, without any design or coding experience.

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Event ticketing,
registration & fundraising

Whether you want to organise large-scale galas or just an awareness meeting, FundSource offers cutting-edge solutions to create customised event pages.

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Website donations &
fundraising communities

Quickly build optimised donation websites or seamlessly integrate fundraising capabilities into an existing website or mobile app.

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Raise funds globally


FundSource enables nonprofits and individuals to grow an international network of supporters and accept donations in any currency, without extra fees.

Raise funds g  lobally


FundSource uses Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL security to protect organisational and user data and ensure that all donations arrive safely.

Raise funds globally


FundSource provides real-time analytics to help maintain a complete picture of your support base and optimise campaigns in real-time.


Today, the majority of donations come from a smartphone, that is why our platform is 100% optimised for mobile: FundSource-based responsive campaigns and websites can be built, viewed and supported from a smartphone. Our mobile-first approach enables an increase in sign-ups and overall user engagement as well as a significant boost in donations.


Branding & Customisation

The FundSource platform can be white labelled and fully customised to build unique campaigns that maintain branding requirements across all devices and enable features that suit the specific needs of every charitable cause. FundSource enables powerful creative control over campaigns, but if you want to take your customisation even further, just request access to our APIs.

Support & Services

Raise funds globally


Our representatives will help you navigate the challenges of raising money online to create beautiful crowdfunding campaigns.

Raise funds g  lobally


If you want to customise your campaign even further, our team of seasoned developers and designers are happy to help.*

Raise funds globally


When a campaign requires over the top attention of our team, we are here to discuss how we can support your cause.*

*This service isn’t covered by our standard plans, please ask our representative about it .

FundSource + Connectik

Through our strategic partnership with Connectik, a leading technology company that helps large-scale organisations and governments digitise their operations, FundSource has created a community comprised of some of the world’s leading humanitarian organisations and their supporters from all over the world.

Our global community of individual and corporate donors is constantly updated regarding new FundSource-based campaigns to find projects that are in line with their charitable goals. FundSource partners can immediately gain access to this network, which helps ensure that their projects are exposed to a community of reputable donors.

One Wallet

All donations made through the FundSource platform are powered by FinTier Wallet. FinTier is a new-generation fintech company that offers cutting-edge financial services for payments, money transfer, donations and more. FinTier Wallet is integrated with our mobile app to enable seamless donation and cash out, without a bank account.