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The FundSource Platform

We enable individuals and nonprofits to build and launch a wide variety of branded crowdfunding campaigns with a few clicks, without any design or coding experience.

  • All-in-One Fundraising

  • Mobile

  • Branding & Customisation

  • Support & Services

  • FundSource + Connectik

  • One Wallet

  • With FundSource, you can build and launch a variety of branded crowdfunding campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising, donation websites, fundraising events and more.

  • Our platform is 100% optimised for mobile and allows users to launch, view and support FundSource-based responsive crowdfunding campaigns from their smartphone.

  • The FundSource platform can be white labelled and fully customised to allow individuals and nonprofits to build unique campaigns at any scale.

  • Our representatives will help you navigate the challenges of raising money online to create beautiful crowdfunding campaigns.

  • Through our strategic partnership with Connectik, FundSource enables individuals and nonprofits to immediately gain access to a large, international network of vetted donors who have already shown interest in donating to worthy causes.

  • All donations made through the FundSource platform are powered by FinTier Wallet to enable our partners to use a wide variety of payment methods and currencies.


FundSource Passport

The FundSourсe Passport enables our partners to showcase their campaigns to an international network of potential supporters, who have already donated to nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns. The FundSourсe Passport makes campaigns truly international by allowing donations to be made in any currency, with the ability to cash out funds in a local currency.

Campaigns that Change the World

Raise funds globally

Improved access to drinking
water and sanitation in Nairobi

Our initiative aims to improve
access to sanitation for the
poorest populations of Kenya.

Raise funds g  lobally

Alleviating disaster-related
damage in Pakistan

The project has the potential
to deliver socio-economic
development interventions
in the region.

Raise funds globally

Better and safer public
schools in Rwanda

We want to achieve inclusive
and equitable quality primary
education for all in Rwanda
by 2030.

Raise funds globally

Kazakhstan’s response to
climate change

Changing the conversation on
climate and engaging new
voices in the renewable energy
debate in Kazakhstan.

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Partnership with Telecoms

FundSource partners with the world’s largest telecom providers to launch cutting-edge mobile platforms for social crowdfunding. Together we enable individuals and nonprofits to raise funds that help meet basic needs, with support of an international network of donors. FundSource is empowering people to raise and donate money from across the globe for charitable causes, right from their smartphone.

Raise funds globally

Mobile Money

End-users can send and accept funds, without a bank account.

Raise funds g  lobally

International Donors

Immediate access to an international network of supporters.

Raise funds globally


Specifically made for people who can only access internet services via mobile.

Raise funds globally


With our platform, everyone can build a crowdfunding campaign.